Seed Drill

Duncan Renovator 15 run Direct Seed Drill

These machines have proven very successful to sow seeds ranging from small clover seeds right up to peas and Barley.
Only one hydraulic lever is required for raise and lower of the machine. If you bring in a bag of seed we can calibrate the correct sowing rate when you collect the drill so when you get the drill in the paddock you are all ready to go!
It can be towed behind a ute or small truck.
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Duncan Renovator Classic 19 Run Direct Seed Drill

Very reliable direct seed drill. Very simple and accurate to calibrate even when sowing small seeds with sowing rates down to 3 and 4 kgs / hectare.
Two seedboxes, one being stainless steel for fertilizer,  giving you the option of fertilizer and seed or…  two different types of seeds with two different sowing rates. Some large users have filled both seedboxes with the same seed and halved the rate in each box, – this means you can travel twice as far before having to refill the boxes. Take advantage of the versitility of this machine. Read the rest of this entry »

Scimitar Roller Seed Drill

Use this seed drill to sow seeds into cultivated soil, it uses the Cambridge roller rings to compact the soil and provides a uniform broadcast of seeds. We recommend you follow with the seed cover harrows and you will enjoy a brilliant seed strike. Transport wheels make this easy to transport to your property – we can supply a transport axle and drawbar (dolly) to enable this machine to be towed behind your vehicle.
Save money and drill your own seeds, it’s simple to use!

Cambridge Roller and Seed Drill

This narrow roller and seed drill combination is ideal for grass seeding your orchard or vineyard or any place with narrow rows. It has transport wheels so you can tow it to your property. These wheels are easily removed and the drill is ready to go.
Suitable behind any horticultural tractor.
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